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Clutch Advice

Below are the common symptoms that you may experience when the clutch in your vehicle is failing. If you experience any of the below, call AutoFix and we will be able to perform a free clutch check to diagnose the cause of the problem.


Symptoms : Severe low frequency vibration

Cause : Loose or worn engine mountings, misalignment of engine to gearbox, uneven operation of clutch arm, oil contaminated facings, defective pressure plate, defective driven plate, scored or glazed flywheel, worn spigot bearing


Symptoms : Engine accelerates without giving a corresponding increase in vehicle speed, burning smell, vehicle will not drive up steep hills.

Cause : Incorrect clutch adjustments, partial seizure of linkage or fouling of pedal preventing the full return of the linkage, worn clutch facings, oil contaminated facings, defective pressure plate and/or broken springs, partially seized mechanism.


Symptoms : Difficulty in engaging first gear from neutral without making noise, jolt when changing gear with the vehicle in motion, vehicle moves when pedal is fully depressed.

Cause : Incorrect clutch adjustments or lack of fluid in the hydraulic operating system, worn hydraulic system, oil contaminated facings, defective driven plate, buckled plate or seizure on spines, seized spigot bearing or worn spigot.

Clutch pedal travels to floor

Symptoms : Clutch pedal travels to the floor with no resistance or does not return to its normal position.

Cause : Possibly a failed clutch cable, or a failing clutch hydraulic system component such as: slave cylinder, master cylinder or associated hoses.


Most new vehicles now come fitted with dual mass flywheels. These are essential components that allow an enhanced performance in the vehicle’s drivability. Additionally, these new components reduce harmful vibration.

A worn dual mass flywheel will affect the performance and efficiency of the new clutch and almost certainly result in premature failure.

Indications of a worn Dual Mass Flywheel are :

Irregular noises


Intermittent clutch slip

Knocking on startup or shutdown

Loss of drive

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