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A vehicles brakes are what make the difference between life and death. Failure to maintain your vehicles braking system could have severe consequences.
At some point your vehicles braking system will become less effective, requiring maintenance. Common factors for this are:

  • The way in which the brakes are applied
  • The mileage between servicing of the brakes
  • Age of the components
  • Weather conditions

Brakes should be checked reguarly, so that they stay at optimal performance, keeping you and your vehicle safe, aswell as conforming to the Ministry Of Transports standards.

Symptoms of a poor braking system

  • Spongy pedal
  • Hard pedal, with little movement
  • Pedal travels more than usual
  • Judder whilst braking
  • Pulling to one side under braking
  • Grinding/squealing from brakes
  • Wheel/s locked up - No movement

What AutoFix checks

  • Condition of Discs
  • Brake disc and pad thickness
  • Brake shoe condition
  • Performance of the calipers and sliders
  • System leaks
  • Brake fluid check and level
  • Condition of brake lines and hoses
  • Electronic diagnosis of the ABS system
  • Pedal Check - Engine running
  • Pedal check - Engine stopped

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Brakes FAQ

Why are my brakes grinding/grating?

This usually happens when your vehicles disc brake pads or brake shoes have worn to below minimum, and leaving just the brake pad or brake shoe backing plate. Without immediate attention it can cause premature brake disc or brake drum failure, and also mean your brakes are not fully functional.

Why are my brakes squealing?

Brakes usually squeal when there is a build-up of brake dust within the brake caliper or brake drum. Another possibility is that the brakes have not been serviced in a while and there is no grease in the areas of the brake system that need greasing.

Why am I getting judder from my brake pedal when braking?

Feeling a judder from the brake pedal whilst braking usually points to either a warped brake disc or failure within the vehicles ABS system. Immediate attention is required if you are experiencing brake judder. Also a good indication of this could be a malfunction lamp illuminated on the dash.

My car is pulling to one side when I’m braking, why?

If your vehicle is pulling to one side upon applying the brakes, it can be caused by several things. One being that the brake caliper is not functioning correctly on its sliders and the other being a seized or leaking piston within the brake caliper or wheel cylinder. Again this must be immediately checked out.

Why is my brake pedal spongy?

A spongy brake pedal is usually caused by air within the hydraulic braking system. This can lead to longer stopping distances and very dangerous. Two other possibilities are that the hydraulic brake fluid is dated and has a high water content or the brake fluid reservoir is low on brake fluid. Both situations are very dangerous and at Auto-Fix we can perform checks to identify the problem.

My brakes seem to be not stopping me very well, why?

This could be called brake fade or just wear. This could be caused by numerous faults. Examples could be severely worn brake discs, pads or shoes, or just glazed discs and pads that require servicing. No matter what the cause, a difference in braking functionality requires prompt attention.

No matter what complaint you are having with your braking system, seek immediate attention. Early detection can save you money, but ultimately yours or other road user’s lives.