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Why Does A Car Need Suspension And Steering?

Your suspension helps to keep your tyres firmly in contact with the road to assist braking and road handling, whilst shock absorbers smooth out the minor imperfections in the road surface. Without suspension, avehicle would be uncomfortable for its passengers, handling would be poor and the car would have no form of shock absorption.
A vehicles steering is a must, as every road we travel along is almost certainly never straight. The steering system provides the ability to manouver a car in all directions. A vehicles steering system is as important as it braking system and suspension system, and any kind of fault should be rectified immediately. Failure to do so could result in harm.

Fault Diagnosis With AutoFix

Gradual wear of suspension components make it difficult to spot problems, andmake it hard to determine where the noise/movement within the suspension system is coming from.A vehicles
suspension and steering system ismade up of many joints, bushes, bearings and rotating parts.AutoFix offers a professional service that diagnoses all common and major faults the customer
is noticing.

Below I will speak about the importance of keeping your suspension and steering maintained and the benefits of doing so...

Common Faults

  • Anti-roll bar links worn
  • Broken coil springs
  • Shock absorber failure
  • Excessive ball joint play
  • Play in steering rack
  • Whining from engine bay
  • Hard to steer

Benefits Of Maintaining A Vehicles Suspension And Steering

Maintaining a vehicles suspension and steering system is a beneficial factor when it comes to the life cycle of a vehicle, let alone it's safety factors. An MOT Test checks for faults within all moving systems and ensures a vehicle is safe to drive on the road. This being saidAuto-Fix can maintain your vehicle and save you time, money and effort at the same time. Benefits of maintaining both suspension and steering are listed below:

  • Increased fuel economy
  • Decreased tyre wear
  • Better handling
  • optimum driver/passenger comfort
  • Safe to drive
If you are experiencing any issues with your suspension or steering, feel free to contact AutoFix for diagnosis. Once all checks are complete, a full written report will be given. Any findings will be clearly given and where necessary, a quotation to rectify the fault/s will be discussed.

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Suspension & Steering FAQ

I get a loud knocking noise when I’m on an uneven road, what can it be?

When a driver/passenger complains of hearing a knocking noise from the car, on uneven roads, it is general due to worn anti-roll bar bushes or the anti-roll bar links. Also called drop links. These are usually an inexpensive service item.

I get a loud clonking noise when turning my steering wheel, what can it be?

This can usually indicate either a broken spring, a worn upper shock absorber mount or a severe steering system problem. An immediate check is needed.

My car is sitting lower on one side, why?

This generally indicates a broken spring, but can at times be another part of the suspension system. Seek advice immediately before driving the vehicle.

When I turn my steering wheel I get a loud noise coming from the engine bay, why?

A whining noise would usually be down to low power steering fluid or even a fault within the pressure system. I.e. burst pipe or failing pump.

My steering is harder one way than the other, what is wrong?

On the more modern cars, manufacturers have fitted an electronic power steering unit, rather than a pumped system using fluid. These electronic units, otherwise known as EPS, often fail within the unit’s ecu, causing numerous issues such as loss of steering, harder to steer one way than the other or just hard steering both ways. This is a very dangerous fault, and attention is required immediately.

My car seems to be bouncing around and feels like I’m on a boat, why?

This is yet another common problem. Usually diagnosed as being a worn shock absorber or bush.

My wheel seems to be skipping along the road when on full lock. Why is this?

Generally this is down to a worn ball joint. More often than not the lower ball joint. However at times it can be a sign of poor wheel alignment.

Why is my car pulling to one side?

This can be a handful of faults. The top faults are usually poor wheel alignment, tyres not inflated correctly or a faulty bush/joint.